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Chemical Cleaning

The utilization of mechanical means to remove fouling or clean equipment is not always sufficient or feasible based on the details of a specific job scope. Often in these circumstances, Chemical Cleaning has proven to be an adaptable and extremely efficient means for cleaning or degassing equipment. PSC can achieve nearly 100% removal of deposits in your exchangers, air coolers, tanks, towers, and boilers, maximizing efficiency.

Reduction Technologies

An industry innovator, PSC offers a full range of integrated services, custom-engineered solutions, and unrivaled experience to clean your tanks thoroughly, reduce out-of-service time, manage waste, and lower your maintenance costs. Utilizing centrifuge and filter press dewatering, sludge processing, hydrocarbon recovery, degassing, liquid and semi-solids removal, odor control systems, and hydroblasting, PSC's tank cleaning group offers cost effective volume reduction processes to reduce disposal costs.

Hydroblasting automation psc

Hydroblasting uses water at varying high pressures and flow rates to cost-effectively clean surfaces, process equipment, heat exchangers, and other industrial vessels. Also known as high-pressure water washing and polishing, this service can extend equipment life, improve process efficiency, and reduce fuel consumption resulting in lower overall operating costs. Hydroblasting is by far the most common industrial cleaning application and it can be applied to virtually every process configuration to efficiently remove foulants and other built-up materials.

Oilfield Services

From routine tank and vessel cleaning to the planning and execution of deep-water hull inspections, platform decommissioning, asbestos and mold abatement, carpentry and process equipment insulation, PSC is your comprehensive solutions provider. PSC also provides dockside boat, barge, and container cleaning services to the oil and gas drilling industry. PSC specializes in the assessment, decontamination, and remediation of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM).

Remediation Consulting

As a trusted advisor, contractor or both, PSC offers a level of experience, range of services, and nationwide reach unmatched anywhere. From environmental site assessments to manufactured gas plant remediations, mercury, and more, you can count on our staff of seasoned scientists and engineers to provide optimal results—no matter how challenging the project.

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